Our vision has always been to improve efficiency in collision repair process by utilizing dynamic partnership and streamline end-to-end solution for all partners & stakeholders.

 EMCS Thai Co., Ltd.

Differentiate & Individualized

Increase efficiency and enhance customer satisfaction with our tailored pipeline solution. Combined with highly trained & experienced team – you are assured to be in good hands!

Industrial Standards

Combined big data and computer vision, our solution are able to increase productivity, accuracy and reduce leakages in Motor Claim Industry. 

Tech & Data Driven

We have combined more than 10+ years of data to utilize in Data processing, Infrastructure, pipeline automation in order to support our partners.

% Marketshare

  • 35 Insurers ‘simplemented EMCS  
  • TOP 10 Insurance companies in Thailand .
  • 10.2 from 10.4 Million Voluntary policies (97%) from our Insurers member. 

Insurance Company

Insurance's partner

  CarMate Application
  for Car Owner

CarMate is an Mobile application that includes services for all vehicle usage in daily life of new normal. This includes Car Care, Travel, Accident, Local Insurance, Emergency, Car Advice Including various information that is useful during travel, etc. CarMateis classified as an application that will answer truly modern social lifestyle, helping all aspects of car use.


  M-Survey Application

Answering the needs of surveyor management during car accidents between insurance companies and surveyors.

Whether it is sending a surveyor to the scene of the incident quickly., Operation or Accident data collection. Easily and conveniently update accident details back to Insurance Claim Adjuster Immediately (Real time)

M-Survey app It is a system that seamlessly combines a platform between web applications and mobile apps. Making it most effective for accident management solution and Create a great impression for customers.

  M-Service Application

Mobile application solution for service providers such as garage owner and service center that increase profit, reduce cost and labor afford.

While able to seamlessly integrate with e Claim  to update repair information for faster claim approval. Moreover M-service can help to promote for the business profile of garage or dealer. 


Insurance SaaS for powerful Claim Settlement ecosystem.

E-claim provides intuitive solution that utilize big-data, NLP, and computer vision that streamline claim journey, increase efficiency and flag edge-cases. Connecting all stakeholders within one system e-Claim solution offers tailored pipeline.