e-Garage (Web Application)


Garage management system for cash type customer

In addition to the insurance claims management system through e-Claim system, we have also developed applications. That supports customer repair claims in cash (without insurance) as well. The e-Garage system will help garage manage operations and assist customer cash type claims easily with more efficiency. This function can also generate income for garage owners and increase revenue for insurance company at the same time.

Value and Benefits

Can manage Repair customer cash claims Via e-Garage system effectively.

With standard repair wages and the cost of standard spare parts in the system for inspection and use as supporting information.

Able to manage pictures of repair work (internal), pictures, documents, and other images in categories for easy and convenient review.

Easily check employee work on each process through system.

Gain business insight with operational and financial report.

Help you cut costs and reduce handling time while able to streamline booking in order to stimulate more revenue.

Target Customer of 


” Garage : able to customize to other service as desired. “